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Welcome at the Bayernwald Fruechteverwertung KG


The Company Bayernwald Fruechteverwertung KG has been your experienced contact for decades if it concerns processing and preservation of various types of fruits.

As a fully family-owned company with about 160 employees by now, we succeeded not only in tightening our market position, but also in developing it further due to steady innovation and constant progress in various business areas.

Due to good ideas, concepts and required know-how we are able to achieve even the most complex customer needs.

We are looking forward to giving you an insight in our business and in our product ranges while you are looking through our homepage.


A small insight into our company history:




Registration at the official authorities.
Processing of fruit from the local forests, mainly into fruit and vegetable preserves as well as fruit wines.
Despite of the world economic crisis and WW II hindering business, continued operation of the company.




After successful restart of production, delivery of the product portfolio from local forest fruits as before nationwide and in export.

  1960   Start of the production of some semi-finished products for the further processing food industry.
  1970   Construction of the new production and administration facility at today’s location at Schwanenkirchner Strasse in Hengersberg.



Stop of production of consumer products and preserves as well as frozen fruit as a result of the changed product range.
The only finished products remaining like fruit wines and mulled fruit wines are still being marketed under the brand Bavaria Waldfrucht.


2001 - 2011


Major investments in the company like a 0-4°C finished goods warehouse, a new 5-step vacuum concentration plant, a new power house, a new building for goods receiving and central quality laboratory, the renovation of the coldstore as well as the office building, the installation of sun collectors, the implementation of a new commercial system software as well as a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

  2012   Change of  legal entity (KG) and changed ownership within the owner family.

until today


Continued modernization of production machinery like the equipment for icewater; development of export market share of meanwhile about 70%.


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