Bayernwald's roots: Handpicked quality, love for nature, developments with sense & soul

At the beginning, the fruit was in the first place – and still is. Based on the inspiring abundance in taste created by nature, since 1923 Bayernwald is processing fruits and berries into excellent semi-finished and beverage products with greatest respect for their purity.

1923Formal registration at the official registers. Processing/preservation of local forest fruits, mainly manufacture of canned fruit and vegetables as well as fruit wines.
Continuation of the enterprise despite difficult conditions during the global economic crisis and the Second World War.
1951After successful resumption of the production, delivery of the products manufactured from local forest fruits at home and abroad as before.
1960Start of the production of semi-finished products for the processing industries.
1970Construction of the new production and administrative buildings at today's site in the Schwanenkirchner Strasse at Hengersberg.
1993As a result of the portfolio changing over the years, cessation of the production of finished products like preserves and frozen fruits. The remaining finished products like fruit wines and mulled fruit wines are still marketed.
2001 – 2011Various investments in the company, e.g. a warehouse 0-4 °C, a new 5-stage vacuum concentration unit, a new power house, another building with goods receiving department and central quality laboratory, renovation of the cold store and the administrative building, installation of solar panels, introduction of a new commercial system plus a lab information management system (LIMS).
2012 – 2016Modification of the company entity (limited partnership), change of the owner within the owning family; continuous renewal of production facilities like the ice water unit, extension of the export markets with a share of meanwhile about 70 per cent, development of further product lines.
2017The beverage world of Bavaria Waldfrucht brand becomes part of the Bayernwald family and henceforth operates under the reliable and well-respected name of Bayernwald.