Sustainably stable pillars:
Quality, efficiency, fairness & confidence

We are living in the continuous process of gobalisation. Changing frontiers, new technologies and increasing competition form the economic life. Not only economical factors determine how enduring successful a company sustains its position. At Bayernwald we understand entrepreneurial responsibility as a widespread mosaic of commitment for a consequent compliance of product quality, for society and environment, for customers and employees, for tradition and future.

It is our aim to give our customers a significant, affordable plus of performance concerning service, produkt development and quality combined with the virtues of fairness and reliability which always remain effective. Positive partnerships with suppliers and clients having developed over years and, above all, based on confidence, quality and reliance, are part of our fortitudes.

Of course, we comply to current laws and regulations, we decline corruption, blackmail and bribery, and we practise our business operation responsibly, upright, unconcealed and honestly in every respect. Our operational procedures are executed with greatest accuracy in order to avoid any environmental impact. Garbage is disposed of properly and recycled, if possible. We try to counteract existing environmental impact, and an energy management system is in place.

Bayernwald lives its entrepreneurial responsibility consistent with ethical and social criteria like human rights, hence we are member of Sedex and base our code of conduct on the ethical and social basics of the ETI Base Code. We expect from our employees, suppliers and other business partners to respect our code of conduct as well, especially the standards stated in the ETI Base Code.