State-of-the-art technology
for guaranteed natural pleasure quality

Art comes from skill and also applies to art of enjoyment. Best basic products and proven recipes call for safe, gentle production processes in order to sustainably meet the individual requirements of national and international customers for quality, taste and authenticity. Bayernwald's fruit and flavor experts use state-of-the-art technologies to control the production process and preserve the valuable natural ingredients during processing.

Bayernwald’s processing lines include the production of purees with multistage passing equipment, of juice with decanter pressing systems (to reduce the oxygen input during the pressing process and thus maintain quality parameters such as colour), of juice concentrates with a 5-step downdraft evaporation processing unit as well as aseptic filling lines for drums and cartons and the sterile filling of IBCs and tank lorries.

It goes without saying, a central CIP (cleaning in place) unit is part of the production environment. In addition, products can be stored in temperature-controlled storage tanks. The monitoring of the quality parameters during the production steps is ensured by a production laboratory as well as by in-line measuring devices. The final inspection and approval of the products is carried out by the quality control laboratory.

A separate area is the production of high-quality fruit wines and mulled fruit wines, for which various fermentation and storage tanks and plants for preparation before bottling are available - and of course a bottling line.