Just entirely natural:
lived environmental awareness

The resources of Mother Earth used by the human are limited. It is our vision that we leave to future generations a world worth living. Therefore, environmental protection is a main pillar of responsible corporate governance. Our aim is to prove to ourselves and others that the implementation of environmental and sustainable measures does not exclude the profitability of a company.

In production processes, resources are necessarily consumed and emissions and waste are being produced. We are committed as a matter of course to comply with the legal requirements. For the protection of nature and the environment it is our concern to apply stewardship of the available resources. To ensure continuous improvement of environmental protection and sustainable processes, we are open to new technologies.

Our employees and business partners such as suppliers are being encouraged to minimize environmental impacts and apply appropriate measures for an environmentally friendly and sustainable economic management. It is our goal to permanently and continuously analyze all processes for environmental compatibility and, where possible, to convert or to converge on sustainable technologies.