Innovative product development:
Ideaful possibilities

We are happy to support our customers' product development with our fruit competence which has grown over decades and by employees with a high degree of commitment and expertise in the various fields of application or our products. We are open for innovative product ideas to be checked for feasibility for our customers. We are also flexible if it comes to realization of surprixing solutions. Developments e.g. in the area of smoothies, puree, juice or juice concentrate blends, also according to customer recipe or for the alcoholic beverage sector, have already been successfully carried out.

Do you have any special requirements in your production that the standard products do not meet? The Bayernwald fruit and food experts are ready to answer your questions and reply to your inquiries.

With our beverage world, we have our ear to the customers and consumers and can pick up and implement trends in the market at any time. An example of this is a low alcohol fruit wine mix as a light lifestyle beverage, also for other mix ideas e.g. with prosecco.