Fruit and berry semi-finished products for processing –
best basics for the success of your products

For a perfect flavourful rounding of your products we offer over forty local and global cultivated as well as wild growing fruits for processing in various products formats according to wishes and requirements of your application and range of use.

The most important base of the semi-finished products supplied by us are strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, red and black currants, elderberries and peaches.

Furthermore we place strong emphasis on the processing of wild growing fruits such as sea buckthorn, hawthorn, sloe and rose hip. Besides, of course tropical fruits are completing our range of products.

Depending on your needs, as part of our product lines (red & dark or yellow & light) there are available all kinds of product formats (e.g. juice, concentrated juice, puree/pulp, concentrated puree and others) and product characters (e.g. clear or cloudy). Of course we also provide special formats and individual product developments according to your wishes. Just contact us – we are looking forward to providing you tailor-made solutions with our competence and experience.