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Sustainability at Bayernwald

Ever since our company was founded in 1923, Bayernwald has seen nature’s resources as valuable assets. Our company history has always been driven by the desire to integrate social needs and environmental protection with growth-driven business objectives. That focus remains the basis for our national and international business relationships today.


Good for people & the environment

As a family-owned company, our aim is to pursue a long-term approach to sustainability that carries on over many generations, guaranteeing consistent cooperation between us as a company, our employees, suppliers and customers. In doing so, we jointly address the three fields of action “Planet – Product – People” and strive for continuous improvements in these three central areas.



We have always been mindful of the impact our business has on the environment. Bayernwald strives to continuously reduce waste, water and energy consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, and to recycle natural resources efficiently, while striving for a circular economy.



One of our greatest passions is to provide consumers with a nature-friendly, high-quality and instantly enjoyable experience of fruit. At the same time, we are continuously improving the health-related properties of our existing products and investing in innovative and healthier foods.

Both now and in the future, the enjoyment of Bayernwald’s sustainable products should not be a luxury!


We are a family-owned company that places top priority on the safety and satisfaction of our employees. There is great diversity in our company, so we make a point of not only offering equal opportunities to all staff but also individual training opportunities, going the extra mile to meet everyone’s expectations. We also extend this fair and respectful approach to our business partners as part of our endeavour to promote long-term, sustainable relationships.


Bayernwald is known for high-quality, mouth-watering fruit enjoyment. As a traditional and nature-conscious family business, Bayernwald offers its employees and partners much more besides.

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