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Bayernwald’s home is in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes that Germany has to offer: the Bavarian Forest. This is where we have dedicated ourselves to the production of exquisite, mulled fruit wines and juices since 1923. In addition to our love of fruit, our wealth of experience turns every Bayernwald product into something truly special.


Hitzkopf® - mulled fruit wines

Selected fruit wines are the basis for the traditional Hitzkopf® range of mulled wines. Popular since 1923 and now available in many delicious flavour varieties.

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Hitzkopf® - fine organic collection

For those who would like to enjoy an organic edition of our classic Hitzkopf® mulled fruit wine, Bayernwald offers a delicious selection of organic mulled fruit wines with and without alcohol.

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Hitzkopf® – mulled pleasure edition

From classic to creative – based on our own recipes, our mulled pleasure edition provides wintery moments of enjoyment in three delicious flavours.

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Hitzkopf® & Penninger – Glühschuss

What do you get when you add a dash of Penninger bloodroot to the traditional classic Hitzkopf®? A very special and pleasurable experience.

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Hitzkopf® organic fruit wine cocktail

“Fruity on Ice” is an organic, sangria-style cocktail that creates a Mediterranean holiday feeling. Wonderfully refreshing and deliciously summery.

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Hitzköpfchen® children’s punch

What could be better in winter than a delicious, hot children's punch made from high-quality fruit? The fact that Hitzköpfchen® is low in sugar gives you a doubly good feeling.

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Mutter Philipp’s children’s punch

When you come in from sledding and building snowmen, invigorated but shivering, you'll be glad for a hot, non-alcoholic punch!

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Fancy spritzer

Wonderfully natural, sparkling fresh: our fine fruit wine spritzers in two delicious varieties provide enjoyment and a good mood, especially in summer.

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Bavaria Culinaria

Whether lemon or elderberry juice, summer or winter, these pure fruit juices can be used to enhance numerous dishes and drinks.

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Summer fairy fruit wine

Every year, summer gives us a vibrant variety of colours and fruits. Bayernwald turns them into tempting berry and fruit wines of the highest quality.

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Fräulein juice

Compositions of selected berries and fruit varieties make for wonderfully full-bodied fruit experiences in our Fräulein juices: the enjoyment of pure nature.

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Fruit products

Fruit is one of nature’s greatest treasures. With deep respect for the natural flavour of fruit, Bayernwald creates delicious high-quality fruit products used by the processing industry for many end products.

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