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Hitzkopf® mulled pleasure edition

The “Glüh-Genuss” (or mulled pleasure) edition of Hitzkopf® ensures a diversity of colours and flavours in three delicious varieties, each composed according to exclusive in-house recipes. Highly recommended by our sommeliers at the Bayernwald factory of fruit enjoyment.

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Hitzkopf® – Mulled pleasure rosé

6% alc. by vol.

Fruit mulled wine with spices, natural vanilla flavour and natural extracts of citrus fruits. Our Glüh-Genuss Rosé tastes aromatic, fresh and finely rounded.

Hitzkopf® – Mulled pleasure caramel

5,4% alc. by vol.

Apple mulled wine made from apple cider with natural vanilla and caramel flavour. Our Glüh-Genuss Karamell surprises with its fruity-fresh and light taste.

Hitzkopf® – Mulled pleasure glögg

9% alc. by vol.

Mulled fruit wine with natural glögg – a typical Nordic mix of spices like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger – with cherry flavours and natural extracts from citrus fruits. A full-bodied fruity taste experience in the Scandinavian glögg tradition.


Dark red cherries, bright yellow lemons, tempting blueberries. We’re fascinated by the colourful diversity of nature. At Bayernwald, we turn that diversity into the finest juices, fruit wines and mulled fruit wines. Always with carefully selected ingredients and processed according to the highest standards.

Hitzkopf® - mulled fruit wines

Available in 7 Brands

Hitzkopf® has been the classic mulled fruit wine since 1923. A delicious option for every taste.


Baked apple

Strawberry vanilla


Elderberry ginger



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Hitzkopf® - fine organic collection

Available in 6 Brands

Anyone who enjoys mulled fruit wine and organic products will find their favourite winter drink here.

Organic apple-berry punch

Organic baked apple-orange punch

Organic mulled blueberry wine

Organic elderberry punch

Organic mulled sloe wine

Organic winter apple-orange punch

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Hitzkopf® – mulled pleasure edition

Available in 3 Brands

A delicious variety of flavours for everyone looking for special mulled enjoyment.

Hitzkopf® – Mulled pleasure rosé

Hitzkopf® – Mulled pleasure caramel

Hitzkopf® – Mulled pleasure glögg

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Hitzkopf® & Penninger – Glühschuss

Available in 2 Brands

Fruit mulled wine with a dash of tormentil? A pleasure! And a really hot winter mix.

GlühSchuss Edition #99

GlühSchuss Edition #100

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Hitzkopf® organic fruit wine cocktail

Available in 1 Brand

Cocktail fans can bring citrusy pleasure home with “Fruity on Ice”.

Fruity on Ice

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Hitzköpfchen® children’s punch

Available in 2 Brands

Alcohol-free, sugar-reduced and deliciously fruity. This children's punch is a popular drink for kids of all ages!

Pear sour cherry

Apple pear banana

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Mutter Philipp’s children’s punch

Available in 1 Brand

This delicious hot drink made from an old family recipe is a real classic among young and old.

Mama Philipp’s children’s punch

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Fancy spritzer

Available in 2 Brands

Perfect for everyone who likes to enjoy the summer together and loves fruit wine spritzers.

Fancy Spritzer Raspberry

Fancy Spritzer Mango

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Bavaria Culinaria

Available in 2 Brands

These concentrated fruit juices are popular among chefs and gourmands alike.

Lemon juice

Black elderberry juice

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Summer fairy fruit wine

Available in 6 Brands

Berries and fruits make summer even more beautiful, and are also amazing as a summer wine!

Strawberry wine

Blackcurrant wine

Cherry wine

Sloe wine

Passion fruit wine

Mango wine

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Fräulein juice

Available in 3 Brands

These delicious juices contain 100% fruit and love. Perfect for the whole family.

Apple blackberry

Apple currant

Apple wildberry

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