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Hitzkopf® & Penninger – Glühschuss

Hot enjoyment! We have added a dash of Penninger bloodroot to our classic mulled fruit wine – 10% to be precise – and thus created a new taste experience: the mulled shot „GlühSchuss“

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GlühSchuss Edition #99

13 % alc. by vol.

Both are legendary: Hitzkopf®, the popular fruit mulled wine, and Penninger Blutwurz, a star among herbal liqueurs. Just like Bayernwald, Penninger is a family business from the Bavarian Forest. Perfect conditions for a new creation: Mulled wine brandy! And what is it about Edition #99? Quite simply, the GlühSchuss was created in a year with the same number as the brandy, namely one year before our 100th company anniversary!

GlühSchuss Edition #100

10 % alc. by vol.

By the goblin! Bayernwald celebrates its 100th anniversary with the GlühSchuss Edition #100 in a pirate-strong look. As in Edition #99, we have combined our traditional classic Hitzkopf® with a good shot of Penninger – more precisely, the baked apple mulled wine with
10 % Penninger rum. This flavour composition ensures unique mulled wine enjoyment. In 2023, it’s not “a bottle full of rum”, but “full of GlühSchuss”! This is not only a toast to our anniversary, but also to wonderful shared winter joys.


Dark red cherries, bright yellow lemons, tempting blueberries: the colorful diversity of nature is fascinating. Bayernwald uses it to create the finest juices, fruit and mulled wines. Carefully selected, processed to the highest standards.

Hitzkopf® - mulled fruit wines

Available in 7 Brands

Hitzkopf® has been the classic mulled fruit wine since 1923. A delicious option for every taste.


Baked apple

Strawberry vanilla


Elderberry ginger



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Hitzkopf® - fine organic collection

Available in 6 Brands

Anyone who enjoys mulled fruit wine and organic products will find their favourite winter drink here.

Organic apple-berry punch

Organic baked apple-orange punch

Organic mulled blueberry wine

Organic elderberry punch

Organic mulled sloe wine

Organic winter apple-orange punch

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Hitzkopf® – mulled pleasure edition

Available in 3 Brands

A delicious variety of flavours for everyone looking for special mulled enjoyment.

Hitzkopf® – Mulled pleasure rosé

Hitzkopf® – Mulled pleasure caramel

Hitzkopf® – Mulled pleasure glögg

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Hitzkopf® & Penninger – Glühschuss

Available in 2 Brands

Fruit mulled wine with a dash of tormentil? A pleasure! And a really hot winter mix.

GlühSchuss Edition #99

GlühSchuss Edition #100

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Hitzkopf® organic fruit wine cocktail

Available in 1 Brand

Cocktail fans can bring citrusy pleasure home with “Fruity on Ice”.

Fruity on Ice

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Hitzköpfchen® children’s punch

Available in 2 Brands

Alcohol-free, sugar-reduced and deliciously fruity. This children's punch is a popular drink for kids of all ages!

Pear sour cherry

Apple pear banana

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Mutter Philipp’s children’s punch

Available in 1 Brand

This delicious hot drink made from an old family recipe is a real classic among young and old.

Mama Philipp’s children’s punch

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Fancy spritzer

Available in 2 Brands

Perfect for everyone who likes to enjoy the summer together and loves fruit wine spritzers.

Fancy Spritzer Raspberry

Fancy Spritzer Mango

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Bavaria Culinaria

Available in 2 Brands

These concentrated fruit juices are popular among chefs and gourmands alike.

Lemon juice

Black elderberry juice

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Summer fairy fruit wine

Available in 6 Brands

Berries and fruits make summer even more beautiful, and are also amazing as a summer wine!

Strawberry wine

Blackcurrant wine

Cherry wine

Sloe wine

Passion fruit wine

Mango wine

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Fräulein juice

Available in 3 Brands

These delicious juices contain 100% fruit and love. Perfect for the whole family.

Apple blackberry

Apple currant

Apple wildberry

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