The power of fruit for your enjoyment

Fruits that are very popular with connoisseurs, because their varied flavours create aromatic and intense taste sensations for real enjoyment. Bayernwald´s fruit juices are characterized by purity and consistently high quality.

Lemon juice

A versatile helper and refinement in the kitchen and in a bar. Bayernwald´s lemon juice is made from lemon juice concentrate. With 100% fruit content, it is just like the juice of freshly squeezed lemons, perfect as an ingredient in hot and cold drinks, for preparations in dressings and sauces, to refine food, for baking and desserts. Available in 1 litre glass bottle or 10 l bag-in-box

Elderberry juice

Bayernwald´s elderberry juice can be the highlight on a cold day. It warms body and soul with its 100% fruit content. Sweetened with a little honey it becomes a delicious hot drink, it perfectly completes a toddy or tea and can also be enjoyed as a soup (1 part juice, 2 parts of water and sugar). Available in 1 litre Elopak.

Organic Elderberry Juice

A true Bavarian Forest specialty: The naturally cloudy organic elderberry juice stands out as vegan. This 100 % pure juice, with its excellent properties through premium quality, gives each drink and dish extra fine icing on the cake. Available in 0,75 litre glass bottle

Traditional values for the best quality in taste

Since 1923, all Bayernwald products have been produced with much love an care according to traditional family recipes and certified processes, always committed to respect for nature and good taste.