This is how a winter joy tastes:
non alcoholic fruit and berry punch for young and old

The recipe for this children´s punch comes from Bayernwald´s family treasure chest. To provide their four children, even in the cold season, with vitamins of healthy fruits and berries, the Philipp family combined particularly aromatic fruit varieties to a fruity hot drink, which quickly became their favourite wintery drink. And not only with children!

Mutter Philipp‘s Kinderpunsch

The non-alcoholic bestseller among Bayernwald´s hot drinks tastes good to children as well as adults. With rich fruit content from the juice of ripe apples, blackcurrants and elderberries, spiced withcinnamon and cloves, this multi-fruit punch becomes a delicious winter treat. Available in 1 litre glass bottle or in 10 l bag-in-box

Bayernwald´s fruit punches: legendary fruity since 1923!

All punches from Bayernwald are made with selected spices, according to traditional family recipes, with love and passion for best possible craftmanship.